One of the great passions I have is design.  Another great passion I have is football.  I wanted to see what it would like if I took the current helmet design of high schools in my local high school’s conference and redesigned them.

I will give my opinions on the current design of their helmet, and then a synopsis of why I did what I did in my revision.  This is purely for fun and entertainment purposes.

Benton Rangers Current

My Opinion

What I like
  • Unique colors.  Maroon/White Combo sticks out and no one else in the divsion uses these colors, and the closet high school with similar colors would Belleville West in Belleville, IL.
  • Simple design.  The numbers stick out with well placed striping on the shoulders.  Great old school look.
  • Black facemask.
  • Namebrand jerseys (Nike)
What I don't like
  • Complex Decal.  The decal here is a great logo, but from a far distance there’s not enough contrast to tell what it is.
  • Very plain approach on the helmet.
  • Lack of any elements that bring intimidation into the design.  Lack of matching gloves or undershirts.
Does this team need a rebrand?
  • In my opinion: No.  The concept needs to be moderized to drive excitement and enthusiam.  The color palette here, though original in its approach, doesn’t execute well.

My Benton Rangers Concept

Benton has already updated this brand with the, “B Star” logo.   The idea is to brighten the helments for increased contrast and introduce black into the design. 

Primary Improvements (Click to read)
  • White helmets.
  • Carbon fiber  helmet logo and striping.
  • Black facemark with white/silver eye sheild.
  • The brighter design allows for Benton’s  branding to stick out.  The cleaned up logo will stick out on the field as well as give the design a breath of fresh air and emphasize quality over the quanity concept of one color with a white decal that they currently employ.

Harrisburg Bulldogs Current

My Opinion

What I like
  • I have always been a fan of purple and I like their integration of purple and black.
  • I love the jerseys and the shimmer of the pants.  Their gloves match the ensemble as well.  The purple trim on the jerseys is all the right places and doesn’t overtake the design.
  • Namebrand jerseys (Nike)
What I don't like
  • The home jerseys.  The trim is over done.  Simplicity works much better like the road jerseys in this example.
  • The wordmark logo on the helmet just says, “Dogs”  It gives off the 1970-1980s vibe.
  • No real bulldog branding seen.
Does this team need a rebrand?
  • In my opinion: No.  The bulldog logo that is seen associated with Harrisburg is a great brand, it needs to be moderized.
  • Great color scheme.

my Harrisburg Bulldogs concept

Once Harrisbug updates their bulldog concept, use that concept on the side of the helmet and ditch the “dogs” concept.

Primary Improvements (Click to read)
  • Switch to rich purple helmets
  • Metal flake  helmet logo and white metal flake striping.
  • I’m not usually a fan of white facemasks, but it work for this design.
  •  The presence of the bulldog will make their jerseys and pants sets complete.   The bulldog still keeps this look, “high school.”  It also brings the intimation factor that darker hues bring to sports uniforms.

Herrin Tigers Current

My Opinion

What I like
  • Orange/Black is always a great combo for sports.
  • The use of the “H” on the sleeves.
  • Sleeves/sweatbands use the same color white throughout.
  • Namebrand jerseys (UnderArmour)
  • Sharp looking execution of the H brand.
What I don't like
  • The trim on the jersey and pants.  I’m not a fan of  the “Under Armour” football look.  Their template looks good at first, but gets dated quickly in their design.
  • The collar of the home jersey.  I don’t like this on NFL jerseys either, it looks like they are wearing tuxedos.
  • No view of the tiger.  This may be on purpose.
Does this team need a rebrand?
  • In my opinion: Yes.  The Tiger logo currently being used is being used by several institutions.  Once organization starting trademarking their concepts, nothing will keep Herrin from getting sued for copyright infringement on the jumping Tiger not seen here.  To be fair, many high schools will face this problem soon.
  • The jumping Tiger logo is a common logo used by several sports entities.
  • Great color scheme.  Stick with “H” brand mark.

My Herrin Tigers concept

Keeping the “H Brand” I moved to what I call, the black/orange pearlized look.  This would be a black helmet that shines orange at different angles of sunlight.  This is not a gradient.

Primary Improvements (Click to read)
  • Black/orange pearlized paint job.
  • Metal flake in the orange reflections.
  • A new modern font used for the helmet bumpers.
  • Herrin  has done a great job on their design and making the most of it.
  • Black facemask.

Masaac County Current

My Opinion

What I like
  • Great Number Fonts
  • Helmet striping
  • Execution of red/white/blue here.
  • Namebrand jerseys (Nike)
  • Unique shade of blue.
What I don't like
  • The MC concept is good try to move away from their current logo, the stars and stripes don’t create contrast from the blue helmet.
  • The sleeves on the jersey.  This is a great place for the Patriots logo.
  • The current Patriot logo.
Does this team need a rebrand?
  • In my opinion: Yes and quickly.  This logo is a rip off of the New England patriots.  The school is guilty of trying to make the brand their own, but fail in their approach.
  • They are where the L.A. Rams were for several years after leaving St. Louis, uniform pergatory.  Without a cohesive unifying mark, they hit homeruns like they did her on their football uniform, but strikeout on baseball, basketball.  They need consistency across the brand.
  • Everyone loves patriotic themes, but execute it better.

My Masaac County Patriots Concept

This school needs a logo update extremely bad.  This logo concept is from another source as I didn’t have time to design them a new one.  They need a cohesive look that doesn’t plagarize another team’s concept.  Build your own Patriots brand.

Primary Improvements (Click to read)
  • Move to a white helmet with a new brand mark.  Silver works here, too.
  • Carbon fiber texture for the brand mark
  • Vintage font used for the neck and facemask bumpers
  • Red reflective eye sheilds.
  • White facemask.  Grey works here, too.

Murphysboro Current

My Opinion

What I like
  • Great use of contrast here.  It’s touch to pull off this color combination here, but they pull it off on this road jersey set.
  • Good varsity number font execution.
  • This is color scheme is one of a kind in this area.
  • Great and simple trim on the pants.
  • Brighter helmets help the QB see receivers on quick routes.  I can’t but wonder if that was the approach here.
What I don't like
  • No visual evidence of the devil head.  An old but iconic logo for this school.
  • The absense of logos or numbers on the sleeves.
  • Their use of the M letter.  Marion does this as well.  I think they are trying to offend anyone by having a devil head on their helmet.
Does this team need a rebrand?
  • In my opinion: Not anytime soon.  Their colors and logo are iconic and memorable.
  • Move away from the M concept.

My Murphysboro Red Devils Concept

This school might have the best logo in the division.  It’s a bright and fiery brand mark.  Use it.  This concept mimics Herrin’s by having a red/yellow pearlized concept, emphasizing fire.  A simple yellow carbon fiber stripe/logo to accent the design.

Primary Improvements (Click to read)
  • Pearlized paint job – red/yellow – minicing fire.
  • Carbon fiber texture for the brand mark and striping
  • Yellow facemask to keep the brand look – red works here, too.
  • Reapplying devil head to the helmet

West Frankfort Current

My Opinion

What I like
  • Nice shade of red.  The numbers match the pants.
  • The courage to use a different color of pants from the home jersey.  I applaud it.
  • Good varsity number font execution.
  • Noticeable move to not look at Masaac with their red.
  • Simple/straight foward.
What I don't like
  • The use of the the Philadelphia eagles wings here.  They forces their colors into the design instead of the colors brining out the design.
  • The absense of the redbird logo
  • Shoes not matching.  But overall, a good execution.
Does this team need a rebrand?
  • In my opinion: no.  This cardinal they have painted all over town is original and executed well.
  • Great colors with the addition of grey into the scheme, makes this unique.

My West Frankfurt Red Birds Concept

In my searching of this school’s official cardinal logo I often saw this logo and Illinois State’s redbird used interchangably.

To create some separation, I enlongated the head and enlarged the logo for a Tampa Bay Bucs oversized approach, with a St. Louis Big Red vibe from the NFL’s St. Louis Cardinals days.

Primary Improvements (Click to read)
  • White metal flake paint helmet
  • Metal flake bird logo.
  • Grey facemask.
  • Red eyeshields.

This was truly a fun project and I may make a series out of this.  I’d be interested in your thoughts.

If you are interested in working with me on your team’s next concept, I look forward to it.  Many thanks to Webpixum for the speed helmet mockup used for this design project.