IT’s been a year…

Thank you for those that supported my endeavor to start StemmCreative.  I’ll say that first off…

Many times in the past I’ve tried building businesses as I have never been a fan of working for anyone.  I like to pave my own way and live or die by my sword, as they say…

I understand many of you won’t read this, but I appreciate it if you do.


The journey thus far.

When I was laid off from my day job this past June, I was left with a decision to make.  I had to either decide to work the day job and continue the rat race or decide to be more.  As I sat down to get my gameplan together, I saw what other designers were doing.  Some of them doing well, some not.  Some of them making great money, some not.  I had to figure what I was going to do.

I began to look at my family and life and decide it was time for something more and to put the pedal to the medal.  I designed a logo, a website, and went to work right away.  Call it being driven if you like…


the first logo

What I have come to appreciate

The people and relationships

learning new approaches to business

new partnerships that are being formed

last, not least… my family and the Lord

Highlights of Year one

New Clients

Graphics Clients

web clients

updated brand mark

Going into year 2…

As the year 1 is coming to a close, and year 2 begins for StemmCreative, I look forward to building new relationships and nuturing the relationships I already have established.  Thank you for your support as we move into year 2.  I have several great projects in the pipeline that I’m working on that I can’t wait to share with you.

My family’s support of this venture has been foundational to the success of this brand, it’s appearance, and the prestiege that it’s built.  My wife has been a wonderful motivator of my talents.  I thank the Lord for blessing this venture.  Why now?  I’m not sure, but glad He is pushing this forward.

till we meet again…