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Is It Mobile?  Is It Elegant?  Does It Generate New Business?

The best websites are built to leverage your brand to new and existing customers.  A website should be so much more than an online space… it should be a powerful look into your customer base!

Web Design

We make sure that the customer-facing or “front end” part of the website, is enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing. Our concern with how a site looks and how the customers interact with it is just one part of the process.

We will design your site so that customers want to navigate around because it’s so easy and intuitive to do so.  StemmCreative does much more than make a site “look pretty.” We truly dictate the usability of a website’s interface.

Web Development

The inner workings of your website is where the magic happens. Back-end development deals with the more advanced programming and interactions on web pages.  Our back-end web developer focuses on how a site works and how the customers get things done on it using certain functionality. This could include working with code that interfaces with a database or creating features like E-commerce shopping carts that connect to online payment processors and more.  We got your covered.

We cover them both to get you the best results



Our Services Include

– Logo Design – beautiful artwork that inspires your new project.

– Logo Design with Custom Font – custom fonts give a truly unique look/feel

– Logo Design with Branding Plan – take that artwork and see it the real world.

– Social Media Profile Design – all major platforms covered for perfect fit in your networks.

– Website Design and Hosting – move that brand into an online presence.

– Animation – animate the brand to make it come alive in your promotional materials 


Interested in Website Design & Development?

The first step in the “creative brainstorming” process will be to gather information so StemmCreative knows the direction to go in concerning your graphics, web, or animation project.

What’s our process for building your site?


Make our introductions and we look into needs of your organization and build the “battleplan.”

Define the Purpose

With a clear set of requirements, we will next look at your content. We’ll establish what you need to say and the best way to communicate it.  We’ll work you to develop the sitemap, or the different routes your users will take through the website to find information and complete goals. Next we’ll design wire frames using the requirements and user “battleplans” we’ve defined.

Design the Site

As part of the process we’ll also design how the website will look on mobile phones and tablets. Next we’ll review the designs with you and compare them to the requirements we gathered in our discovery.  We’ll test call-to-actions and as a result make sure your interactions with visitors are optimized and will produce results. At this point we’ll ask you to sign off the designs.

Back-end Development

We’ll build the website for performance, usability and search engine optimization in mind. The result of this is a website that works beautifully regardless of how a user access it. This includes the type of device, browser or operating system. We follow accessibility best practice so that people with impairments are not restricted when using the website.


Once build is complete we’ll upload the website to a production server which will be available for you to view. Based on your feedback we’ll make final tweaks and fix any bugs we encounter. We then begin testing. Once the testing phase is over – it’s time to live!

Support Plan

We offer an annual support package that helps you get the most of your website:
– Offsite secure backups of your website’s files and database.
– Protect you with a firewall and hardened security.
– Make sure you stay up to date with automatic software updates Monitor and optimize the performance of your website with a range of tools.
– Be available to fix and bugs and answer any questions you have about your website Having a website that doesn’t change isn’t an effective strategy.
– Fresh, engaging content is the most crucial factor in building your audience and climbing the search results.
– We’ll design an effective approach to your content strategy that will leverage your brand effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are Your Consultations Free?
Absolutely. Due to the demand that we have on our schedules, we schedule these in advance.
How do you price your creative work?
Most design and web development work is a flat fee depending on the scope and depth of work of your project.
What is Your turnaround time?
Depends on the project. Many projects require weekly updates, however, we aim to complete most projects in under 60 days. Graphics projects can be as soon as 1 week.
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