Pay Per Click Campaign Managment.

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There’s a recipe to the success of pay per click campaigns…

If you want to drive traffic, generate leads, increase sales, we can leverage a combination of engaging ads, targeted keywords, relevant landing pages, and a high-quality score.

Graphic Design Is the Skeleton

When thinking about what makes a brand, it’s natural to start with the visual cues: logos, headers, business cards, websites. In truth, these elements are only components of a great brand.

We can be the guardians of your visual identity, taking great care to make sure that each element – colors, shapes, typography, and yes, the logo – is compelling and consistent across all environments. When done right, graphic design ensures that everything is cohesive and in its right place, like a proper working skeleton.

Branding Is the Soul

But of course, a business can’t run on bones alone. To keep the metaphor going, branding is the soul of your organization. Not only one’s muscles and clothes, but one’s beliefs, behaviors, personality, and values. It’s everything from how your customer support answers the phone to the stock photography in your marketing. Branding is any action a corporate body makes, and the art of branding is making that movement as deliberate and harmonious as possible.

Graphic design and branding are inextricably linked.

Aesthetics mean nothing without a solid strategy, and a solid strategy means nothing if it can’t be expressed. As an agency, we constantly have to balance these two forces. Sometimes, that means choosing between something beautiful and something purposeful. In a perfect world, you’re able to get the best of both worlds, but at the end of the day, every decision must be made in service of adding depth to the brand.


Our Services Include

– Logo Design – beautiful artwork that inspires your new project.

– Logo Design with Custom Font – custom fonts give a truly unique look/feel

– Logo Design with Branding Plan – take that artwork and see it the real world.

– Social Media Profile Design – all major platforms covered for perfect fit in your networks.

– Website Design and Hosting – move that brand into an online presence.

– Animation – animate the brand to make it come alive in your promotional materials

– Search Engine Optimization – Optimize your site for the best search engine results possible.

– Pay Per Click Campaign – Google Adword Campaign Management


Interested in Pay Per Click Management?

The first step in the “creative brainstorming” process will be to gather information so StemmCreative knows the direction to go in concerning your next project.

How Do We Approach Pay Per Click?

How is your campaign really holding up?

The impact of a StemmCreative may surprise you! Checking general health and search query efficiency, the audit we can provide ensures the best practices are being done, identifying focus areas that need your attention.

Gotta Think Bigger

It’s time to think bigger, badder, with more influence!  We accelerate growth to reach people you’ve haven’t reached before, leveraging upon a range of search platforms, in-house tools, and our extensive multi-industry experience.

Develop Your Goals

Clear objectives are fundamental to success. Our strategy is geared to hit your KPIs, applying tighter control to your pay per click account. Using campaign segmentation, we use your media spend according to your goals, historical performance, and competition.

Build Upon Your Success

We look into the efficiency of your ads to monitor engagement rates vs. non-engagement.  We want to track your ad when it has been clicked in comparison to the number of times it has shown up in searches (impressions). The higher this percentage is the better.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are Your Consultations Free?
Absolutely. Due to the demand that we have on our schedules, we schedule these in advance.
How do you price your creative work?
Most design and web development work is a flat fee depending on the scope and depth of work of your project.
What is Your turnaround time?
Depends on the project. Many projects require weekly updates, however, we aim to complete most projects in under 60 days. Graphics projects can be as soon as 1 week.
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