I found this helpful and I thought you might, too. When are the best times to post on social?

Many businesses and organizations want to get the highest engagement possible when posting to their social networks. The graphs above detail the best times to post your content to get maximum exposure.

  1. Facebook – Post on Thursday to Sunday or if you have to post daily – post right before lunch hour. Otherwise – stick to the 1pm to 4pm time slot. Tuesdays are the worst day to post, period.
  2. Instagram “The Gram” – Post on Wednesdays due to engagement rates. Most of Instagram’s traffic is on mobile – so during work hours isn’t a good approach. My best instagram engagement has taken place at night in the 7pm to 9pm slot.
  3. LinkedIn – many of my business contacts are on Linkedin. 10am to 11am is the best from Tuesday to Thursday. Stay away from weekends… most people are trying to get away from their work at that point.
  4. Youtube – this is considered social media and the weekends are king for Youtube. Post your videos on Thursday and Friday so they are indexed by the weekend.

Hope this helps.