One of my favorite things to do is something we designers call, “mock-up.” What does the logo look like when applied to real-world situations.  There are elements of my design for my logo that not speaks to me as a person, but also my use of color and overall representation of my company.

The Font: 

1) Vintage Text – I love baseball history and I wanted my design to reflect the wordmarks of old times.  I loved the text on old baseball uniforms and wanted that look for my wordmark.

2) Aiming for design in sports and web.  I wanted my wordmark to reflect my intention to enter into sports designs – namely uniforms and hats for baseball, football, hockey, and soccer.  You will see more of these come into play soon for your viewing.

3) Creativity – not many tech companies take the “old school” approach.  I, however, like the idea of having the service with the old mantra, “old general store” approach.  I believe its accomplished here.

The Colors:

1) Bright Red: #FA2045, Blue: #566575, Soft White: #F4F5F3, Light Sky Blue: #B4CDDA, and a Soft Navy: #4d4d5c.

Mock ups: