Thank you for viewing my new site.  The general goal of StemmCreative is to bring a new solution to the table that will allow smaller organizations, churches, and businesses the ability to have work done affordably.  We are built to help your team get ahead.  Over the next couple weeks – you will see testimonies, projects, and personal work highlighting the scope of what I do for my clients.  I approach every project ready to go and can, “bring the heat” on anything you need to be done.

Projects I’m currently working on:

  • Zombie Guitar Company – this is an online outlet for a Gretsch guitar dealer in my area.
  • Saheli, Inc. – this is an online group that advocates for the protection of abused Southeastern Asian women and families.
  • se38Soultions – a St. Louis based tech company.

I also have a plethora of graphic design projects I’m working on as well – they will be highlighted as time progresses.